Sunday, April 8, 2012

ADSL Splitter quick fix

I'm using my ADSL splitter for more than 5 years now.Recently I found out that Voice line is not working but Data line is working.When I was checking my ADSL splitter I found out that inductor on the voice side is blown out.Actually there are two filters in theboth side to pass only respective frequencies.

Blown out inductor :

When I searched the internet,I found out that these splitters usually have inductor around 330uH or so for the Low Pass Filter(LPF).So,I gave a try by replacing the blown out inductor with a 100uH inductor,which I had on my component store.TaDaaaa!!! It worked well,if not I could have to buy another splitter ;) ;)

This is Dilshan's post on splitters,Really nice,

Replaced with :

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