Monday, March 17, 2014

Experimenting Near Field Communication (NFC) with NXP MIFARE MF1S50 tags with Sony Xperia V

I have a Near Field Communication (NFC) capable Sony Xperia V mobile phone and I was able to communicate phone to phone.  Then, I found some cheap NFC tags on ebay which are based on NXP MIFARE MF1S50 chips. I got 5 tags for US$ 3.95 from this seller. They have free space of 716 bytes which can be used to store user data.

First you have to enable NFC at the android settings. Then, you can communicate with tags by placing them in the bottom of the mobile phone.

I used NFC TagInfo by NXP on Google play to identify the tags in the first place.

I was able to format the tags and write data to them using NFC TagWriter by NXP in Google Play.In this example, I'm going to write plain text "hello" to the NFC tag.

I was able to read the tag using the same application and also by using other applications such as NFC Tools.