Saturday, February 16, 2013

Driving a DC motor using ULN2803 + PIC16F887

As I showed how to drive external load using ULN2803 coupled to PIC16F887 in the previous post,Here I’m going to drive a small DC motor using that concept Smile

I found this small DC motor from a old CDROM. It was used in the tray eject mechanism of the CDROM.You can find many reusable components by dissembling old electronics such as CDROM,VCR,Printers…etc. As I found it works well even with 5V and draws about 20mA in operation,a nice little motor Open-mouthed smile. The load in the schematic is the motor for this case. I used the same code in the LED driver post and you can get it from there.


The little friend in action Winking smile



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