Friday, June 17, 2011

Very simple PIC 18F programmer

I was wondering to use some PIC 18F microcontrollers in my projects.The well known 18F2550 & 18F4550 got USB which is much useful in current environments.But the problem was didn't have a good programmer to program them.My intention was to build a good USB programmer like PICKIT2lite but it also need a 18F2550 which should be programed in order to use this.So,I was looking for a very simple and easy to build programmer for 18F.Luckily I was able to find such,called ART2003 programmer.It just needs a 220 Ohm resistor,a 47uF capacitor and some 1N4148 diodes.All these parts are available at any part of the country.The total cost for this project was below Rs:100/=

Here's my little programmer :)

The schematic can be found at:
Fox Delta

I use WinPIC 800 v3.59 which also can be found on that link to program the microcontroller.Make sure you have enabled Low Voltage Programming(LVP) fuse.
You have to connect PGM,PGC,PGD,MCLR,VDD,VSS pins according to your uC's datasheet.

Now I can build my own PICKIT2lite USB programmer :)
You can also use this simple programmer to programmer a Bootloader and then you can change the program on microcontroller without any programmer by just using USB.


  1. මේ මොන හරුපයක් දෑ??? ඔන්න කෙලින්ම කිව්වා මට නම් මෙලෝ දෙයක් තේරුනේ නැහැ :P

  2. this is for guys who are into electronic,not for u :P

  3. wow i Like this blog , thanks for the posts I hope more posts about PICs thank you again

  4. stutiy.pake internet 1e hama tenama hewwa. antimata lankawe 1kma tamai hari para pennuwe

  5. real cool, looking for end to chicken egg problem for a long time. Can finally use my 3 pic 18f4550 thankx!!

  6. hello all ***happy new year 2014****
    please tell me WinPIC 800 v3.59 support windows 7 OS ?

    1. Wish you a happy new year too
      I'm sorry that I haven't used this on win7.
      It may work in compatibility mode or in native mode.please give it a try